Your web app is under the strong shield with VerifyQA

Faster Results

Just wait for minutes and not days to return to your results with VerifyQA. VerifyQA runs your tests against a number of testers in parallel, so that your team can keep moving without being slowed down by QA efforts.

Forget Refactoring

The hurdle with automation is that your tests need to be refactored every-time. But with us, your developers can focus on launching the product while VerifyQA tests will adapt to your changes.

Cross Browser Testing

Your developers might not be using using IE/Chrome but your customers will surely do. VerifyQA finds out bugs on all the major browsers so that your customers get a great and consistent experience.

Reliable & Commendable Results

Our service is focussed at doing accurate QA, owing to it we possess extremely resilient systems to maintain the quality 24/7.

CI + Bug-tracker Integrations

VerifyQA team fits itself into your existing workflow so that you may review and continue to take action on bugs from within your bug tracker or Continuous Integration system.

Notifications via Chat & Email

VerifyQA routes bugs through most efficient ways available may it be a call, email or a chat to make sure you get them at the earliest.


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  • I have used Laitkor for software production a couple of times; my latest project was a News Website that has many different features than normally found online. Specifically, I wanted a News Site that could be populated with users' news as we'll as mainstream articles. The site also had to be able to do surveys about interesting and challenging issues facing today's society with very specific backend reporting on the responses. The site also had to have an advertising component and some accounting functionality built in. I had given the developers a broad range of requirements and they essentially had to figure out what I meant and produce the software to my requirements. I have found the QA team Laitkor to very be switched on giving sound advice as the project was underway, the key thing with dealing with this organization is the speed that things happen.

    Denis Ryan