Upcoming trends in software testing

In order to understand the thinking, reviews, or reactions of end-user about the application, some practical trends are developed. Testing is usually attached to the product. Some of the upcoming trends in software testing are discussed below.

One can hire non-technical workforce for the purpose of manual and acceptance testing, as those people could seek actual end user view about the application. This is just a trend to get better feedback and couldn’t eliminate the technical tester as they exist due to their individual importance.

Mobile testing has become trending according to the Google Test Automation Conference. Mobile is already the next big thing to be dealt in with. There are lots of unresolved problems in mobile testing, such as automation, performance, etc. The currents trends has more power to influence future. Thus it can easily determine the upcoming trends. Hence new trends are slowly shifting towards providing ERROR free interoperable, adaptable and scalable API model to enterprise. Some of the current trends are as follows.

  1. Agile – the demand for agile testing is increasing day by day as more and more companies are shifting right from waterfall methods to agile development.
  2. Test automation – time is to be conserved more as possible. With iterative development, lot of time is saved by automating parts of the process as compared to manual testing, which is more time consuming.
  3. Test tooling – for the process in all stages of testing, more advanced tools are used.
  4. Focus on business value – testing efforts are directed towards those risks that can cost money. Thus it minimizes the risk by focusing directly towards the risk factor.
  5. Earlier involvement in the development process – initially the testers get involved in process when the requirements are defined, instead of waiting for the finished products.

These are some of the basic trends, other than upcoming one, which are employed during the ordinary course of business. Now let’s consider the upcoming trends. It include various process such as – many undertakings are implementing Continuous Delivery to compliment the release of innovative software that satisfies aggregate demands and changing consumer’s tastes and preferences. Service Virtualization solutions deliver a complete simulated test environment.

Thus it enables the organizations to significantly enhance the breadth and depth of their automated testing efforts. It is more useful in minimization of cost of the product. Development of more and more apps are slowly incrementing towards API’s from Web based. API’s are the next big things since they provide us with wide range of features such as controlling on product, flexibility of payments, etc.

The new trends are influences by the defects traced over the certain period of time and those expected for the upcoming year. More stressed should be given on ‘online transactions for Stock markets, financial institutions and B2C enterprises’, ‘software used in automobiles and health care’, and ‘public administration portals and initiatives run by the government institutions’. With the view of trending, it is relevant and are followed by some pros such as it reduces overheads, discover interface errors, reducing build failures and helps in enhancing functional testing without the need of GUI.

We at VerifyQA believe in making the best out of latest trends. They always have something new to offer and keeping up with time and innovation has never let us or our clients down.

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