Load Testing Services

Load Testing is a part of the Performance Testing that we conduct. It's a non-functional testing and it depends on client's demands and the project scope .Our main objective in conducting load testing includes performance of the system during normal working hours and during peak hours. We simulate different scenarios including simultaneous hits, real time use of the system to check the bottlenecks of the system. We conduct it in controlled lab environment and try to take the precision of test to real time usage. CPU Usage, Response Time, Latency and other such parameters are tested on simulated load.

We do distributed Load Testing and use open source tools to conduct tasks. We use Jmeter to conduct Load Testing and use it in a distributed manner. There is a definite set of process that we follow while conducting a load test.

Our Load Testing Process

  • Identifying Performance Acceptance Criteria.
  • Identify Key Scenarios
  • Confirm Target Load
  • Run Test
  • Analyze the Results
  • Report Preparation

We identify different Performance Acceptance Criteria's including Response Time, Latency, and Throughput for a particular system that we have to load test. Then we move on to identify the key scenarios that we have to test for the system. Thereafter we finalize the Target Load Levels to whom we decide on the basis of the client demand like what target load level they are expecting there system under through corresponding to different scenarios. After been through above mentioned steps we finalize our tests and perform it leading to final report.

Moodle Cluster, Cloops are namely some of the projects in which we have used this technology.

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